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Use your time wisely during lockdown, plan for your extension, remodel or loft conversion project

If you are like most people in Bristol you are probably stuck in the house during the Covid - 19 crisis, you have probably spent more time than ever thinking about what changes you would like to make to improve your home, but how do you take it to the next stage? The simple answer is to write a great briefing document for your architect, you can use the time you have wisely to create a document that can help save you money, get a great design and make sure the solutions are tailored to your budget and needs. Find out how to practically do this with a detailed breakdown from head office.

Whats more western building consultants are still offering free consultations in Bristol including video meetings via zoom. So you can get a fixed priced quotation from us ready to start your project. With all the uncertainty around at the moment you might ask your self why you would plan a big project now? Check out these 5 great reasons why you should consider moving your project forward now.

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